Onsite & Remote Backup

Onsite & Remote Backup Services In Tallahassee, FL

What is A Backup?

A backup is a stored copy of your data to protect your business’s information in the event of any crashes, physical hardware malfunctions, 0r even malicious attacks from hackers.  There are many kinds of sensitive and valuable records that a business may have, that are critical to its function such as client data, website data, and even employee data that can be completely lost without a plan in place. Having a backup protects you and your data, and allows it to be in an easily accessible place. Both onsite and remote data backups are effective and have their benefits.

Onsite backup

An onsite backup is a local, physical storage device that contains copies of all of your data.


  • Quick access to data
  • Lower Cost
  • Simple Installation Process

Remote backup

A remote backup is similar to onsite, however, all data is backed up into a cloud-based server and can be accessed from anywhere with proper permissions.


  • Data storage at multiple locations
  • Encrypted Security
  • Easily upgraded capacity

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