I.T. Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

With a combined 50 years of experience in traditional IT support, Epyon’s highly trained expert staff is dedicated to providing efficient and effective support across all aspects of technology. Our size and organizational structure allows us to offer unrivaled response times and personalized service to suit your company's specific needs. As Tallahassee's premier help desk company,  let us take the guesswork out of your IT service desk needs by providing comprehensive, cost effective solutions that move your business forward and allow you to keep your focus on the most important parts of your business, like making money.

IT Consulting & Services

Our fully operational IT services are ideal for small businesses that don’t have the need to employ a full-time IT department. Whether it’s onsite or remote assistance, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your business. With the endless array of new technology developing every day, we offer free procurement consultations to boost your confidence in determining your company’s IT purchases. We have developed relationships with vendors that we fully trust to provide our clients with the best technologies.

A Server preforming some of our Server Support Services

Systems & Network Administration

With a broad multi-platform knowledge base, we can setup and fully manage your local servers and networks as needed. Services include full Wi-Fi setup, upgrades, security audits and DNS, Active Directory, and Global Policy Administration. Our server support services ensure that that we keep your systems up to data and properly configured. Also provide upgrades for legacy systems that are no longer supported or getting outdated and move to fully virtualized or cloud-based environment.

Help Desk Application, Software, & Hardware Support

Our expert technicians pride themselves on timely follow-through and provide patient, specified support to ensure that your IT issues are resolved quickly and painlessly. Our Client portal also allows you to view all your current and resolved tickets so you may review at will. We are well versed in a variety of products and can assist with the setup and installation of all of your system’s hardware, software and application packages.

Epyon employee preforming Hardware Support Service
An employee at Epyon preforming Email Administration

Email Management & Administration

Epyon is well-versed in multiple different email solutions. Our expertise ranges from the more tradtional locally-hosted Exchange servers on up to the most current Office365 solutions. We are also experienced in dealing with 3rd party Exchange/Office365 providers suchs as Rackspace, Intermedia, GetCloud services, and many others.

Virus and Malware Removal

Epyon offers a wide range of Virus and Malware Removal options. We can provide single-machine solutions ranging from a "kitchen-sink" clean-up of the affected device all the way up to Cloud Based Enterprise AntiVirus solutions for all the machines in your network. We have worked with multiple security vendors across our diverse client base and we are well-versed in Symantec, AVAST, and McAfee solutions amongst others.

An example of what viruses and malware are
The connections within one of our servers that provide Onsite Backup

Onsite & Remote Backup

Offering both onsite and remote options, our secure, scheduled backup services are designed to protect and maintain valued records and sensitive information against system crashes. Not only do we backup and protect your data, we also make it easy to retrieve lost data in order to minimize your downtime so you can keep your business running. We offer multiple backup solutions ranging from local VEEAM backups to remote-server CrashPlan backups to Microsoft Azure deep-cloud backups, and everything in between.